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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Mandar Parvat: Where is Mandar Parvat… from which the sea was churned?

Mandar Parvat: To obtain Amrit, the gods and demons churned the ocean together for which they used Mandar Parvat as a base and Vasuki Naag as a rope. It is believed that that mountain still exists in this village of India.

Mandar Parvat : Evidences of the stories and incidents mentioned in Hindu religious texts and Puranas can be seen on earth even today. One of them is Mandar Parvat which was used by gods and demons for churning the ocean. It is said that this mountain is still found in India.

Where is Mandar Mountain?

There are many religious and historical places in Bihar. Mandar mountain is situated in Banka district, about 50 km from Bhagalpur, which is also known as Madranchal mountain. The peak of Mandar is 800 feet high. There are many beliefs associated with this mountain. It is considered a pilgrimage site not only of one religion but also of three religions.

Story of Samudra Manthan

The story of Samudra Manthan has been described in Hindu religious texts according to which, due to the curse of Maharishi Durvasa, heaven had become devoid of wealth, splendor and prosperity. Then Vishnu Ji told the gods to join hands with the demons and churn the ocean. Lord Vishnu said that drink the Amrit Kalash that will be obtained from Samudra Manthan. All of you will become immortal.

Traces of Vasuki snake are present

According to the mythological tale, the churning rod of Vasuki Naag was made for Samudra Manthan. Its marks are still present on this mountain. A thick line is formed around Mandara Parvat which was formed due to the friction of Vasuki Naag. It is said that earlier there used to be hundreds of ponds here. Some of which are still present today. In the past, this place was called Balisanagar. Now this place is known as Bausi.

Lord Shiva drank poison in this vessel

During the Samudra Manthan, a total of 14 miraculous things came out, one of which was Halhal poison. To protect the whole world, Lord Shiva held it in his throat. The vessel in which this poison was kept is still present on the mountain. This place is known as Shankh Kund.

The lake is situated beneath the mountain

Lord Vishnu killed Madhu Kaitabh and handed over Mandar to the Aryans and later it became the famous pilgrimage place of India, Madhusudan Dham. Mandar mountain is about 750 feet high. There is a lake named Paapaharini in the east direction below the mountain, which was built by Queen Kon Devi, the wife of King Aditya Sen, the ruler of the 7th century North Gupta period, after her husband was cured of skin disease.

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