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Monday, June 17, 2024

Lord Vishnu: What is the secret behind the sleeping picture of Lord Vishnu? Know the mythological story


Lord Vishnu: In Hindu religion, people have pictures and idols of many gods and goddesses in their homes. In which most of the gods are seen standing or sitting but in the pictures of only Lord Vishnu, he is often seen in sleeping posture. There are many mythological stories related to him. Which are mentioned in the scriptures.

Lord Vishnu sleeps for 4 months

Every year, Lord Vishnu goes to sleep for 4 months on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month. It is said in the scriptures that as long as Lord Vishnu sleeps, no auspicious work like marriage, sacred thread ceremony, tonsure, laying the foundation of a house is done. But the question arises that why does Lord Vishnu have to sleep for such a long time.

The secret to sleeping for 4 months

According to the mythological story, King Bali had established his dominion over the three worlds. Fearing this, Indradev went to Lord Vishnu and told him that King Bali had captured the three worlds. At that time, Lord Vishnu took the form of Vaman and went to ask for donation from King Bali. He asked for three steps of land from King Bali. In two steps, Lord Vaman measured the earth and the sky and asked King Bali where to place the third foot. So he said that place it on my head.

In this way, Lord Vishnu freed the three worlds from Bali by taking the form of Vaman and removed the fear of Devraj Indra. Pleased with the generosity and devotion of King Bali, Lord Vishnu asked him to ask for a boon. Bali asked Lord Vishnu to accompany him to the netherworld and stay there forever.

Mother Lakshmi freed us from the netherworld

To fulfill the wish of his devotee Bali, Lord Vishnu went to live with him in Patal Lok. All the gods and goddesses and Goddess Lakshmi became worried due to Vishnu ji going to Patal Lok. Goddess Lakshmi played a trick to free Lord Vishnu from Patal Lok and took the form of a poor woman and tied a Rakhi to King Bali and asked King Bali for a promise to release Lord Vishnu as a gift.

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