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Monday, June 3, 2024

Lemon peels will also be useful, use them for skin care and these other things

Lemon is used a lot in chutney, pickles, salads, while in summers, many drinks are made from lemon sherbet which are not only tasty but also beneficial for health, but do you know how many of your tasks can be made easier with lemon peels.

Lemon is no less than a boon in summers. It is rich in vitamin C and also contains many nutrients like potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, selenium etc. Lemon is used in many things at home, from making shikanji to many other things, but most people throw away its peels. Do you know that not only lemon but many of your tasks can be completed quickly by using its peels?

If you throw away the peels after making lemon juice, then know that you can use lemon peels for many purposes, from skin to teeth whitening. So let's know.

Lemon peels can brighten your teeth

You can also use lemon peels to brighten your teeth. For this, apply a little salt on the lemon peel and massage your teeth. By doing this for a few days, your teeth start getting naturally clean gradually.

Use lemon peels to remove the odor from utensils

Boil the lemon peels thoroughly by adding them to water and put those utensils in this hot water which are smelling of oil and spices due to grease. Take them out after some time and clean them.

Lemon peels will brighten your kitchen sink

You can remove stains from the kitchen sink with lemon peels. For this, cut lemon peels into pieces and boil them in one to two glasses of water and add one spoon of baking soda and dish wash liquid to it and clean the kitchen sink.

Use lemon peel for skin

With the help of lemon peels, you can avoid the smell of sweat. For this, massage the armpits with lemon peels. The remaining lemon peels can be used to remove the blackness of body parts like elbows, knees. Dry the lemon peels and make powder and use it in face packs. Apart from this, you can add lemon peels to bath water, which will make you feel fresh.

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