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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Laptop without Screen: A laptop without screen is here, see how it works in the video

Sightful Spacetop G1 Laptop: Have you ever seen a laptop without a screen? You will also say what are we talking about, can this ever happen? This cannot happen, this has happened. Sightful company has launched a laptop without a screen, let's know how this laptop works?

Hardly anyone would have imagined that a laptop without a screen could be available. But after three years of hard work, the Sightful company has developed a laptop that actually works without a screen. Are you surprised, how can a laptop work without a screen?

The result of Sightful company's hard work is that the company has developed the world's first AR Laptop which shows 100 inch virtual display with the help of AR Glasses. The name of this laptop is Spacetop G1, let's know what features are given in this laptop, how does this laptop work and most importantly, what is the price of this laptop?

Features of Sightful Spacetop G1

This laptop, which has a 100-inch virtual screen and works on Chrome operating system, uses Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550 with KRYO CPU and Adreno 740 GPU for graphics. This laptop uses 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM and 128 GB UFS3.1 storage.

For connectivity, this laptop has 2 USB Type-C ports, Wi-Fi 7, 5G (Nano-SIM and e-SIM support) and Bluetooth version 5.3 support. The laptop has a 60Wh battery, it is claimed that the battery lasts for 8 hours on a single full charge. Talking about AR Glasses, these glasses come with a clear and high-resolution OLED display panel.

This is how Sightful Spacetop G1 works

Sightful Spacetop G1 Price

The price of this amazing laptop coming with AR technology has been fixed by the company at $ 1700 (about Rs 1,42,035) but usually this laptop is retailed at $ 1900 (about Rs 1,58,745). This laptop can be booked by paying $ 100 (about Rs 8355) and the delivery of this laptop can start in the US from October 2024. Right now nothing can be said about whether something like this can ever be launched for customers in the Indian market or not?

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