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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Kuber Dev: How did Kuber become the God of wealth? Know the story of his previous birth

Dhan ke Devata Kuber: In Hinduism, Kuber is known as the God of wealth. People worship Lord Kuber to get wealth. It is believed that the person who is blessed by Kuber never faces lack of wealth in life.

Dhan ke Devata Kuber: In Hinduism, worshipping Kuber Dev on Dhanteras has special importance. It is believed that by worshipping Kuber Devta on this day, a person never has to face financial crisis in his life. According to the Puranas, Kuber was born in a Brahmin family, so the question arises that how did he become the God of wealth?

Who is Kubera, the god of wealth?

According to religious beliefs, Kuber, the god of wealth, is the son of sage Vishrava and the stepbrother of Ravana, the king of Lanka. Being the son of Vishrava, Kuber is also called Vaishravan. It is believed that Kuber Dev resides in the northern direction of the house and he is considered to be the ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and the god of nine treasures. There are many stories in the Puranas behind making Kuber Dev the god of wealth. According to some stories, he used to be a thief in his previous life.

Become the god of wealth like this

According to the legend, Kuber Maharaj was a Brahmin named Gunanidh in his previous birth. In his childhood, he studied religious scriptures for a few days but later he fell into bad company and started gambling. Slowly, he started stealing and doing other wrong deeds. When his father came to know about this, he threw him out of the house. After becoming homeless, he wandered and reached a Shiva temple and planned to steal the prasad there. A priest was sleeping in the temple. To escape from him, Gunanidh spread a towel on the lamp, but the priest still caught him stealing and in this scuffle, Gunanidh died.

Lord Shiva gave a boon

After death, when Yamdoot was bringing Gunanidh, messengers of Lord Shiva were also coming from the other side. Messengers of Lord Shiva presented Gunanidh in front of Bholenath. Then Lord Shiva felt that Gunanidh had saved the lamp burning for him from getting extinguished by spreading a towel. Pleased with this, Lord Shiva gave the title of Kuber to Gunanidh. He also blessed him to become the treasurer of the wealth of the gods.

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