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Friday, June 14, 2024

Is Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni anti-Muslim? Why is she accused of being Islamophobic?

Italy PM Giorgia Meloni: Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is often a topic of discussion in India. Apart from this, Meloni has also faced many criticisms around the world. Due to her many anti-Muslim policies, she is called an Islamophobic leader.

After Giordano Meloni's Brothers of Italy party came to power in the Italian prime ministerial election in October 2022, American author Ellen Gabon said, "Meloni's victory is a sign of a growing anti-Muslim coalition globally."

Meloni has been in the news several times since taking office as prime minister due to her critical statements. Meloni's actions after her victory have also worried many European liberal parties.

Meloni takes a very aggressive stance on many issues. Be it migrants or borders, she advocates strict action against the LGBT community and Islamic extremism.

Meloni, co-founder of the right-wing party 'Brothers of Italy', along with her ally party 'The League', has worked to advance anti-LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) policies. Apart from this, she has also supported the conspiracy theories about Islam allegedly being run in Europe. She has also been accused of being Islamophobic many times. Even before winning the election, she has been adopting a very aggressive stance in the name of Islamic violence in her statements.

Why is it called Islamophobic?

After Meloni became the Prime Minister, an old video of her went viral in December 2022, in which she is seen saying that 'Islam has no place in Italy'. Apart from this, she was also heard saying in the video that the Islamic institutions running in Italy get money from Saudi Arabia. It is said that Meloni started imposing his anti-Islam policies on the country as soon as he took power. He banned the construction of new mosques in Italy and the use of garages and basements for Namaz. The Meloni government recognized 13 religions in the country, including Hinduism and Judaism, but Islam was kept away from it.

Meloni has also been demanding a ban on immigration in Europe. In the recent European Union elections, parties with similar ideology as hers have gained an edge. Liberal organizations and parties fear that in the coming days, 'xenophobic' nature (hatred of outsiders) can be seen in the policies of countries across Europe.

Protests against Islamophobia

However, Meloni has faced opposition to his policies from Italy's Greens, Liberals (Action), parties representing minorities and many organizations. They claim that the government's new laws are taking away the religious freedom of Muslims.

What is the situation of Muslims in Italy?

The total population of Muslims in Italy is about 27 lakhs, which is about 5 percent of the total population of the country. The Muslims of Italy are mainly poor laborers and immigrants. The lack of money is also visible in the mosques of Italy, the mosques here are not beautiful and big and are mostly located in garages and factories.

Growing Islamophobia in the world

Recent years have seen a coming together of right-wing movements around the world. Right-wing groups are helping and drawing inspiration from each other. Right-wing parties are now building ties and political alliances with like-minded parties across borders. The results of the recent European Union elections are a perfect example of this. In 2020, Meloni was elected president of the European Conservatives and Reformists, an alliance that brings together more than 40 right-wing parties.

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