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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Instead of using chemical sheet masks, prepare them at home with these ingredients

Many other products including face wash are used in skin care. One of these is sheet mask which works to keep the skin hydrated. But this item available in the market may also contain chemicals. If you want, you can prepare it at home with things like cucumber or tomato. Know...

There is a great fear of losing the complexion of the skin in summer. The bad effect of heat, strong sunlight and UV rays damage the cells of our skin and make it dark. Skin needs extra care in the summer season. Usually everyone wants their skin to look glowing and healthy. Therefore, many beauty treatments are taken which include face wash, face pack, facial, cleanup. However, one method is also sheet mask which keeps our skin hydrated and brightens it.

But people have this confusion whether it contains chemicals or not. Chemicals are also used in beauty products to make them effective. If there is such confusion about sheet mask, then you can prepare it at home with indigenous things. For this, you can take the help of many things including cucumber and tomato.

Benefits of sheet masks

The sheet mask used in skin care works to keep our skin hydrated. Not only this, it also gives instant glow. You will find sheet masks of many brands in the market. Through this beauty product, the skin not only gets hydrated but also feels relaxed. However, it cannot be used again after using it once. If you want, you can prepare it at home using these methods. Know…

Aloe Vera Gel Sheet Mask

Take a wet wipe and shape it like the sheet mask available in the market. After this, leave it to dry and on the other hand, take aloe vera gel in a bowl. Add rose water and a few drops of essential oil to it. After the liquid is ready, soak the dried wipe in it. Your homemade aloe vera gel sheet mask is ready. Keep it on the face for about 10 minutes and clean the face with a normal face wash.

Green Tea Sheet Mask

Green tea sheet mask is best for those with oily skin. Give the wet wipe the shape of a sheet mask and leave it to dry. Cool the boiled green tea water in a vessel. You can also add rose water to it. Do not forget to add drops of tea tree oil to it. Mix the dried wipe in it and put it on the face. This green tea mask will control the extra oil on the face. Along with this, you will also get instant glow.

Cucumber sheet mask

If someone has combination skin, then he should use a sheet mask made of cucumber for skin care. Extract cucumber juice and add tea tree oil to it. You can also use toffee sheet instead of wet wipes. When it opens completely after soaking in water, put it in the prepared cucumber paste. This sheet mask made of cucumber will keep the skin hydrated for a long time in summer.

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