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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

ICMR calls canned juice a sugar solution, is fruit juice more beneficial?

Recently ICMR has said that canned juice is dangerous for health. It can cause many diseases. In such a situation, one should avoid drinking it, although experts say that just like canned juice, normal juice is also not good for health. Let us know what is the reason for this.

Most people believe that drinking juice is beneficial for health. If they don't have time to make juice at home, they drink it outside at a juice corner. Some people like to drink packaged juice. They believe that this juice keeps the health good. This is also because the advertisements on these juice boxes are also done in such a way that people start drinking juice after seeing it. Especially youth and children are more fond of it, but now ICMR has said that packaged juice is not good for health.

ICMR has said that packaged juice does not contain fruit juice. Many types of artificial flavors are added to it. Apart from this, it may contain a lot of sugar. Which is harmful to health. It can cause many diseases. After this claim of ICMR, many people are wondering why drinking packaged juice is dangerous and should we drink fruit juice instead? Let's know about this from experts.

Which juice is beneficial?

Health policy expert Dr. Anshuman Kumar says that canned juice is a kind of expensive poison. It is dangerous for the body in many ways. Drinking canned juice increases the amount of fructose in the body. This damages the liver. Apart from this, it can also cause type-2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer.

Dr. Anshuman says that not only canned juice but even normal fruit juice is not good for health. This is because when fruit juice is made, the fiber is removed from it and only fructose remains. This fructose also damages the liver and can cause fatty liver. Drinking fruit juice can also increase the sugar level in the body suddenly. In such a situation, fruit juice should also be consumed in limited quantity.

Eat fruits instead of juice

Dr. Subhash Giri, former director of Lady Hardinge Medical College, says that eating fruits is more beneficial than drinking juice. There are some juices that can increase the sugar level rapidly. For example, banana and mango juice is not good for diabetes patients.

Similarly, drinking orange juice can increase the sugar level, but if you eat only oranges, then there is no risk of increasing sugar. Eating oranges adds fiber to the body. Which is good for stomach health, but when you make its juice, all the fiber is removed. In such a situation, the lack of fiber spoils the function of the intestines.

Packaged food is also dangerous

ICMR has said that packaged food also causes many types of harm to health. Many types of chemicals are added to keep them good for a long time. These chemicals enter the body and spoil the health. In such a situation, they should not be consumed.

Regarding this, Dr. Anshuman says that packaged food neither contains protein nor any kind of vitamin or mineral, but it contains sugar, fat and salt in large quantities. Which can cause diabetes and heart diseases. People who eat this type of food have a 20 percent increased risk of heart diseases compared to a normal person. Packaged food can also cause cancer. In such a situation, people are advised not to consume them at all.

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