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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

High Temperature and kidney failure: Kidneys are failing due to extreme heat, how is rising temperature damaging this organ?

Extreme heat and kidney failure: Many areas of the country are experiencing severe heat at this time. People are suffering from heat stroke due to the heat, but the surprising thing is that kidneys are also failing due to the heat. What is the reason for this and what are its symptoms? To know this, we have spoken to Dr. Himanshu Verma, HOD in the Nephrology Department at Safdarjung Hospital.

This year, many areas of the country are facing severe heat. The temperature is around 45 degrees. Heat wave is also going on. Due to severe heat and heat wave, people's health is deteriorating. People are dying due to heat wave. Cases of diseases like brain stroke, heat stroke and dehydration (lack of water in the body) are increasing. This increasing heat is now damaging the kidneys as well. Such cases are coming up in hospitals where kidneys are failing due to heat. In many cases, the patient has to undergo dialysis as well. The condition of patients who already have kidney disease is getting worse. In such a situation, doctors have also advised people to take care of their health.

Doctors say that due to heat, there is a lack of water in the body. Which is causing many diseases. This is also causing kidney failure.

Now this question must be arising in your mind that how is kidney failure due to heat and how can we prevent it? To know about this, we have talked to Dr. Himanshu Verma, HOD in Nephrology Department at Safdarjung Hospital .

How heat is causing kidney failure

Dr Himanshu explains that heat causes excessive sweating. This leads to dehydration i.e. lack of water in the body. Due to dehydration, the blood also starts thickening. This reduces the blood flow in the body. Due to improper blood circulation, the kidney is not able to get proper blood supply. This affects the kidney's filter process. The filter rate starts decreasing and the dirt is not able to come out of the body. During this time, the kidney loses the ability to filter the dirt.

In medical terms, this is called acute renal failure. This problem can occur within a few hours. This is why it is being seen that many people are suddenly facing acute renal failure.

Can this be dangerous?

Dr Himanshu says that in most cases of acute renal failure, the patients recover within a month, but there are some cases where the kidney is not able to recover. In such cases, the patients have to undergo dialysis. This happens because when the kidney does not filter the dirt, the amount of creatinine and potassium in the body starts increasing. Dialysis is used to remove these toxic substances.

What are the symptoms

High BP

Less urination

swelling in arms, legs or other body parts

How to protect yourself

Dr Himanshu says that due to the heat, the need for water in the body has also increased. Usually people are advised to drink two to three liters of water a day, but at this time 5 to 6 liters of liquid should be drunk in a day. Especially those who do field work should drink water every hour. For this, keep a steel bottle with you. From which you can keep drinking water. Apart from water, you can drink lemon and salt water. People who have BP problem should not take salt.

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