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Saturday, June 15, 2024

From parathas to vegetables, if you eat too much potatoes then know what will be the harm

Potato is one of the most liked vegetables. It is also rich in nutrition, but excessive consumption of potatoes can cause many health problems, so potatoes should be consumed in limited quantities.

Potato, which is called the king of vegetables, is mostly cooked by adding other vegetables and it is considered one of the most favorite vegetables. People like to eat everything from spicy potato curry to parathas and pakoras. Some people like potato curry more. If you are also among these people and consume a lot of potatoes in your daily diet, then know what can be its disadvantages.

Besides being tasty, potatoes are also rich in nutrition and contain many nutrients like vitamins B6, C, K, fibre, iron, phosphorus, etc., but they contain carbohydrates and hence consuming them in excess can be harmful. For now, let's find out what the harm from eating too many potatoes can be.

weight may increase

Carbohydrates are found in potatoes, while the other reason for its harm is that people make it with a lot of spices and oil, like chips, potato tikki, kachori, French fries etc. Due to this, the amount of fat in the body also increases, which can increase your weight and due to obesity, the risk of many serious problems like diabetes, heart disease can increase.

Digestive problems

Excessive consumption of potatoes can cause acidity and you may also face problems like belching, heartburn, gas in the stomach, bloating etc. If you also face digestive problems after eating potatoes, then apart from reducing its consumption, you should try to use less spices and oil while cooking potatoes.

People with diabetes should take special care

People who are suffering from diabetes are advised to consume potatoes in very small quantities. Actually, consumption of potatoes can increase blood sugar, so one should avoid eating potatoes especially on an empty stomach and at night. Instead, it can be eaten in limited quantities with protein-rich things.

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