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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Food and lodging are free in this city of India, you just have to do this work

You must have heard the saying 'money is the solution to every problem and money is the problem' because money is needed for every small work, but there is a city in India where you can live absolutely free.

In India, people of every religion, caste and different dialects and languages ​​live together, that is why our country is known for its unity in diversity. At present, no matter where you live, travel or eat, money is needed for every small thing, but if you are told that there is a city in India where you will not need to spend money at all for living or eating.

If you are told that there is a place where you don't have to worry about money and you will get everything from food to accommodation for free, then you would also want to go there. So let's know about this city.

All the food and accommodation is free. Know which place is that

A place in India where food and accommodation are free is called Auriville. This city is located in South India. Auriville is located in Villupuram district, about 150 km from Chennai. Apart from Auriville, this city is also known as Sun of Dawn, which means the city of dawn.

Who founded Orville, Son of Down

According to the information, the city of Aurville was founded by Mira Alfazo in 1968 with a very special purpose. This city means a place where people can live in peace without any discrimination of caste, religion, nationality, language, dress.

Anyone from all over the world can settle in

It is also called the Universal City of Orville, in fact people from about 50 countries live here. According to the information, anyone from the whole world can settle here. At present, if you also feel that you should go and settle in this city, then know what you have to do for this.

What does it take to live in Orville?

If you want to live in the city of Orville, then all you have to do is live here and work like a servant. Everything is free in this city and that is why one can live here by serving others. The most important thing is that to live here, it is necessary to have a feeling of mutual cooperation and brotherhood, rising above every religion and caste.

a place for prayer

If you want to live in Aurville, then know that there are no religious rituals of any religion or any kind here and neither are there separate religious places for people. Rather, there is a courtyard named Mrit Mandir where people can do meditation, prayer and yoga etc.

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