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Monday, June 24, 2024

Entry of the country's biggest superstar in Atlee-Salman Khan's film

After Shahrukh Khan, now Atlee's pair is going to be seen with Salman Khan. A big update has come regarding this. Rajinikanth can also be seen with Salman in this film. The film is being made by Atlee and it is being called the biggest film till date.

The union of Bollywood and South is now gaining popularity. This was seen in Shahrukh Khan's movie Jawaan last year. When a South director met a big Bollywood superstar, it created such a stir that the entire box office was shaken. The film was liked worldwide and it made an unimaginable collection of Rs 1148 crore. Now Atlee, who did wonders with Shahrukh Khan, is coming up with something big with Salman Khan. This film is already being called the biggest film of the country. The new update that has come out about the film is ready to take the happiness of the fans to the seventh sky. Rajinikanth can also be seen in the film

Talking about the update of the film, close sources said- Sun Pictures is going to produce this film and they share a homely bonding with Rajinikanth. Talking about Atlee, he has been in touch with Salman Khan for the last 2 years. He is confident that he will bring Rajinikanth and Salman Khan in the same film. Salman Khan is ready for this film and will start working on it after the shooting of Sikandar is over. Talking about Rajinikanth, he will join this film after the film Coolie. The world will remember this collaboration of Bollywood and South.

Approach changed after the Corona period

After Corona, the film making approach of South and Bollywood has completely changed. Now, to make films successful, a lot of work is being done on the diversity of casting along with the story. If you take the example of Kalki itself, then apart from Hindi and South, Bengali actors have also been cast in this film. At the same time, a lot of changes have started to be seen in scripting in these 2-3 years. In such a situation, this film of Atlee is also planning to do great wonders. The film will come in 2025.

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