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Monday, June 10, 2024

Eating this roti made of flour does not increase the sugar level, know when and how to eat it


No one eats stale roti in the house. People think that eating such roti can cause many problems. But do you know that stale roti can be very beneficial for diabetes patients. It helps in keeping the sugar level under control and also provides good nutrition to the body. Stale roti has many benefits for diabetes patients.

Doctors say that the glycemic index of normal roti is high, but when the roti becomes stale, its glycemic index decreases. In such a situation, it is beneficial in controlling the sugar level. Such roti contains vitamin B and calcium. Diabetes patients can consume this type of roti.

How long should you eat stale bread?

Ghaziabad endocrinologist Dr. Ajay Jain says that roti should be eaten within 12 hours of its preparation. The roti should not be stale for more than this. Some people eat roti a day after its preparation. This should not be done. If stale roti is eaten after 14 hours, it can be harmful for the body. In such a situation, it is important to eat it within 12 to 14 hours. Delaying it more than this can cause bacteria to grow in the roti, which causes stomach infection.

How to eat stale bread

You can eat stale roti with cold milk. Soak stale roti in cold milk for 10 to 20 minutes and then eat it. Try to eat it in the afternoon or evening. This can be very beneficial. Eating stale roti in this way gives you complete nutrition, however, you should also consult your doctor before eating stale roti. If you have any stomach infection, then avoid eating this type of roti.

Benefit in weight control

Stale roti is also very beneficial in controlling weight. It contains a good amount of fiber. This makes the body's metabolism good and fast. Due to good metabolism, fat does not increase in the body.

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