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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Eating outside has worsened your stomach condition, recover with these natural things

Some people are very fond of eating outside food, while some people are forced to eat outside food due to lack of time. Due to this, many times problems like gas pain, bloating, acidity start occurring in the stomach. Some home remedies can be very useful to get rid of these stomach related problems.

If the food is good, then the health automatically remains good, but in the modern lifestyle, not only has the routine of the people deteriorated, but now people have become very careless about food. Actually, there is a lot of frozen packed food to junk food in the market and these foods are easily available to the people in the busy schedule. This is the reason why the trend of eating outside has increased a lot. However, eating outside instead of home is not only harmful for your digestion but also for your entire health.

Hygiene cannot be trusted in outside food, and due to the use of strong spices and more refined oil, this food is very difficult to digest. At present, if you have problems like indigestion, acidity due to eating outside, then some home remedies can be useful for you.

Celery will provide relief

If you are suffering from acidity due to eating outside food, then ajwain (carom seeds) is beneficial in this. Boil ajwain in water and then filter this water after it cools down and drink it. Apart from this, mix ajwain and black salt and grind it and take it with lukewarm water.

Banana is beneficial

If the initial symptoms of diarrhea are visible due to unhealthy eating, then eating ripe banana is very beneficial. Banana improves your digestion and helps in reducing diarrhea, however do not be negligent.

Drink fennel water

If you feel heaviness in the stomach after eating food, then to get relief from this, you should chew and eat fennel. Drinking fennel tea also provides relief.

How to get relief from gas problem

If you have eaten something that is causing gas in the stomach, then you can take a pinch of asafoetida with lukewarm water. Apart from this, drinking ginger and mint tea gives relief.

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