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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Eat these healthy things to keep your teeth shining, they will never turn yellow!

If your teeth are turning yellow despite brushing and keeping them clean every day, then you should make some necessary changes in your lifestyle. For this, include green vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits rich in vitamin C in your diet.

Shiny teeth are a sign of a healthy body, not only this, they also increase your confidence level while talking to someone. For this, we have to take special care of the teeth. But sometimes despite taking care, the teeth turn yellow. Why does this happen? Some people's mouth still smells bad even after brushing. To get rid of all these problems, we should make some necessary changes in our diet.

It is often seen that due to some changes in lifestyle, the color of teeth starts fading. In such a situation, we have to visit the doctor to brighten the teeth. This does clean the teeth but to keep them shiny for a long time, you should include some fruits and vegetables in your diet. By including these fruits and vegetables in the diet, you can maintain the shine of your teeth for a long time.

1. Broccoli is a treasure of Vitamin C

Eating broccoli provides the body with vitamin C, which strengthens teeth and gums. Not only this, it also improves your oral health. The amount of vitamin A and beta carotene present in it strengthens the enamel along with reducing the risk of plaque.

2. Eat Lotus Stem

Lotus stem i.e. kamal kakdi is rich in vitamin C. It reduces the risk of tooth infection and also removes yellowness of teeth. This vegetable is rich in antioxidants including zinc, magnesium, copper and iron.

3. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins A, D, C, beta-carotene, calcium and magnesium. Green leafy vegetables strengthen the roots of teeth. To keep your teeth healthy and shiny, include spinach, kale, fenugreek and amaranth in your diet. Eating these vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals will also keep your health intact.

4. Seeds and Nuts

To keep teeth healthy, apart from fruits and vegetables, you can also include seeds and nuts in your diet. Nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts have exfoliating properties. This also fulfills the deficiency of calcium and protein in the body and also keeps the teeth shiny.

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