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Monday, June 10, 2024

Do you know how much salary IAS and IPS officers get?


 IAS Salary: Every young man and woman of India dreams of becoming an IAS and IPS at some point of time. It is a different matter that not everyone has the courage to take the UPSC exam. Even after giving the UPSC exam, only a small number of people are selected for the post of IAS and IPS. Everyone knows this much. Do you know how much salary an IAS and IPS officer gets in India? Then let us tell you.

IAS is the most prestigious job

IAS job is the most prestigious job in India. IPS comes after IAS. Similarly, IFS job is also considered an important job. In this series, IRS and IES jobs are also important. All these posts are provided with very attractive salaries and lots of facilities by the government.

How much salary do you get

Let us tell you that after the final selection for IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, and IES, the basic pay of these officers i.e. the initial salary is Rs 56100. Later, based on experience and qualification, the salary goes up to Rs 150000. When any of these officers completes 37 years of service and reaches the level of Cabinet Secretary in his seniority, then his salary goes up to Rs 250000. The salary of candidates selected for civil services is Rs 56100 per month for one to four years. After this, it increases to Rs 67700 for 5 to 8 years.

When they reach the 9th year of service, their salary goes up to 78800. After completing 13 years of service, they start getting a salary of up to Rs 118500. Similarly, during 16 to 24 years of service, they get a salary of 144200. After reaching 25 to 30 years of service, they get a salary of 182200. Similarly, after completing 37 years of service, the salary of the officers reaches 250000.

 Lots of facilities are available

Candidates selected in civil services get many facilities apart from salary. IAS IPS officers get government accommodation in major cities. Apart from this, they get government vehicles with driver, medical facilities in government hospitals for the family. Apart from this, they also get security personnel. They also get discount in electricity and telephone bills. On retirement, these officers also get pension and other retirement benefits.

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