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Friday, June 14, 2024

Do not mix these things with rose water even by mistake, your skin will get spoiled

People adopt many types of home remedies to keep the skin healthy. Rose water is also included in this. It is used in many ways. But there are some natural things which can prove harmful for the skin if mixed with rose water and applied on the face.

People do a lot to make their skin healthy and glowing. They use expensive products as well as home remedies. Among them, many people use rose water on their skin. So that their skin remains glowing. Many people use rose water as a toner, while many people mix it with many things like Multani Mitti or sandalwood pack and apply face pack on their face.

Rose water enhances beauty. Applying it cools the skin and can also prove to be helpful in getting rid of tanning caused by the sun and facial pimples. It moisturizes the skin. But rose water cannot be used in every type of face pack. Because there are some things which if mixed with rose water can harm the skin instead of benefiting it.

If you also use rose water to make your skin healthy, then you should avoid adding some things to it. Let's know about those things

Baking Soda and Rose Water

Although baking soda and rose water are both natural ingredients, due to their natural nature, they should not be mixed and applied. Because mixing them and applying them on the face can cause a reaction. This can cause problems like dullness and pimples on your face.

Rose water and lemon

Lemon and rose water are both used for skin care. But applying them together on the face can have a negative effect. Mixing them can cause skin problems and dryness.

Essential oils and rose water

Some people mix rose water and essential oil and apply it on their face. This can cause itching and irritation in the skin. Especially if your skin is sensitive, then you should not use essential oil and rose water mixed together.

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