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Friday, June 7, 2024

Cyber ​​Crime: Hackers rob you in these ways, keep these things in mind to avoid them

If you also want to save your hard earned money from going to hackers, then for this you just need to be careful and show a little understanding. Hackers lay traps to cheat money and as soon as you get caught in any of the traps laid by hackers, the plans of the hackers are successful. Let us tell you how hackers target you?

With the advancement of technology, hackers have also become advanced, technology is being used to cheat people. Do you know what methods hackers use to cheat you people? If you are unaware of this question, then it does not matter, today we will answer this question in detail.

You can foil the plans of cyber criminals to loot your hard earned money by being smart and sensible. But this will happen only when you know how hackers target you. Hackers usually use these three methods the most to trick people.

UPI Scam: This is how people are being cheated

Whether it is to buy daily items or to send money to someone, work has become very easy with the advent of UPI. While on one hand people's lives have become easier, on the other hand frauds have also started happening through UPI. Hackers first lure people to give them money and then send a link to request money, as soon as any person in greed for money clicks on this link and makes the mistake of entering the PIN without thinking, the money disappears from the bank account. To avoid this, remember one thing that do not fall for any such temptation even by mistake.

QR Code Scam: This is how fraud is happening

It is very easy to make payments through QR code. Whatever is making people's life easier, hackers are using the same thing to cheat people. How are people cheated through QR i.e. Quick Response Code? Let's know. Hackers first send QR codes to people and when people scan the QR code, hackers steal money from people's accounts. To avoid this, always remember one thing that do not scan any unknown QR code.

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