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Monday, June 17, 2024

China and Philippines clash once again in the South China Sea, will tension increase?

China and Philippines have clashed once again in the South China Sea. Actually, a Philippines supply ship and a Chinese ship have collided. China has alleged that the Philippines has done this intentionally. Due to the latest developments, tensions are expected to increase.

China and the Philippines have once again clashed in the South China Sea. China's coast guard has said that on Monday a Chinese ship and a Philippine supply ship collided near the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. China has said that the Philippine ship entered the water near Second Thomas Shoal.

In fact, Second Thomas Shoal is known as Ayungin in the Philippines and Ren'ai Reef in China. This 200 nautical mile area is one of the world's busiest trade routes. China has alleged that repeated serious warnings were ignored. China has held the Philippines completely responsible for this.

fear of escalation of tensions

The latest developments have raised fears that a military confrontation could arise between China and the US. The US has been a long-time treaty ally of the Philippines. Washington makes no territorial claim to the sea route, but has warned that it is obliged to defend the Philippines if Filipino forces, ships and aircraft come under armed attack in the South China Sea.

he Philippines says the shoal, which lies less than 200 nautical miles (370 kilometers) from its coast, falls within its internationally recognized exclusive economic zone. The Philippines often cites a 2016 international arbitration ruling that invalidated China's sweeping claims in the South China Sea on historical grounds. There have been several incidents near the shoal in recent months.

What is the South China dispute?

The South China Sea lies between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This sea area between Indonesia and Vietnam is spread over 35 lakh square kilometres. This area is surrounded by China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines. Apart from Indonesia, all other countries claim some part of this area as their own. There are about 250 small and big islands here and almost all the islands are uninhabited. Many countries stake their claim on it for economic, strategic and historical reasons.

Until a few years ago, there was not so much tension over the South China Sea. But years ago, China's sea-dug ships reached the South China Sea carrying bricks and stones. Since Ferdinand Marcos Jr. came to power in the Philippines in 2022, tension with China in the South China Sea has increased even more. Since the Marcos government came to power, the Philippines has lodged political protest several times over China's aggression in the South China Sea. At the same time, China claims that it has a two thousand year old relationship with the South China Sea.

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