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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Can yoga be done on the ground or is a mat necessary for it, if yes then why, know from the expert

It is very important to use a mat during yoga. It helps in supporting your body. In such a situation, you must keep some special things in mind while buying a mat. Let's know about it from the experts

In today's deteriorating lifestyle, people have started paying attention to their fitness. Some people go to the gym to exercise, while some people nowadays prefer to do yoga at home. But while working out in the gym, many types of equipment are needed, in the same way for yoga, you only need a yoga mat, which you can keep with you. All those who do yoga definitely use the mat.

Nowadays you will find many types of yoga mats in the market. These are designed with special material for yoga and they are slightly different from other mats. In such a situation, many people are always confused about whether it is necessary to use a yoga mat and whether yoga can be done sitting on the ground? Also, what things should be kept in mind while buying a mat. If you are also confused about all these things, then let's know about it from the experts.

Is a yoga mat necessary for yoga?

Expert Sugandha Goyal says that using a mat for yoga is very important. Because it helps us in balancing the body. Also, if you do yoga without a yoga mat, then you will be afraid of getting injured. Also, using it makes exercise easier. Especially for people who are older. If you do yoga on the ground, you will have trouble doing asanas. Therefore, definitely use the right yoga mat.

What kind of yoga mat to buy?

Yoga mat makes it easier for you to do yoga. Therefore, at this time you should buy a mat that is not slippery and not light. Because it helps in supporting your body. Therefore, keep in mind that its thickness should be good, the thickness of the mat should not be more than 1.5 inches. Also, it should not be prickly or too padded. You should buy a yoga mat with good grip.

If you use a yoga mat daily, then take care of its cleanliness. Because rubber mats start smelling quickly and if the mat is dirty, then the bacteria present on it can harm your health. After doing yoga, fold the mat and do not leave it in the sun, doing so can spoil the mat.

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