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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Brain Hemorrhage: Cases of brain hemorrhage are increasing in summer, what is this disease, know the symptoms and prevention

Brain hemorrhage is a dangerous disease. If it is not treated on time, the patient may even die. For the past few days, cases of brain hemorrhage are increasing in hospitals. Increasing heat is being said to be one of the reasons for this. Let us know about this from the doctors,

There is severe heat in many areas of the country at this time. Due to the heat, people are falling prey to many diseases. Cases of brain hemorrhage are now being reported in hospitals. Seeing this, doctors are also on alert. Such cases have been reported in many hospitals including AIIMS, Safdarjung in Delhi. Usually, cases of brain hemorrhage are rare in summer, but doctors say that due to intense heat and sudden changes in temperature, people can become victims of brain hemorrhage.

The patients admitted to hospitals for brain hemorrhage include younger people as well. Some of these patients also have high blood pressure. In the summer season, exposure to strong sunlight and then suddenly sitting in AC increases the risk of brain hemorrhage. Sudden increase and decrease in temperature affects blood circulation in the brain, which leads to hemorrhage. Some patients of brain hemorrhage are also being kept on ventilators.

Why is this problem happening

Dr. Deepak Suman, Senior Resident at Safdarjung Hospital, says that it is very hot right now. It is hot outside, but people live in AC in offices and homes. The body suddenly goes from a temperature of about 50 degrees to 20 to 25 degrees. In such a situation, the brain function gets disturbed. The brain is unable to adjust to such a sudden change in temperature. The brain does not get enough oxygen and hemorrhage occurs. Due to lack of oxygen, the nerves of the brain are damaged and the nerves present in the brain burst. Due to this, bleeding starts in the brain. If the patient is not treated on time, death can also occur.

What are the symptoms

sudden severe headache

Numbness of the face

Difficulty speaking

Difficulty walking

How to protect yourself

People who suffer from high blood pressure, smoke or have any heart disease have a higher risk of brain hemorrhage. These people need to take special care of their health in this season. Such people should normalize their body temperature before going from sunlight to AC. Stay at a place where there is neither sunlight nor AC. Stay at such a place for 5 to 10 minutes and go to AC only after normalizing the temperature.

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