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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Bhagwan Bhairav ​​Mandir: In this temple, God is tied in chains and liquor is offered to him

Bhagwan Bhairav ​​Mandir: In Hinduism, God is worshipped in a special way at different places. There is one such temple in India where God is kept tied in chains and liquor is also offered to him.

Bhagwan Bhairav ​​Mandir Madhya Pradesh: In Hinduism, it is believed that whoever is immersed in the worship of God with a true heart, gets free from all the bonds of attachment and goes to Vaikunth. But seeing this strange tradition of this temple of India, it becomes difficult to understand why the people here keep God tied in chains.

Where is this temple located?

Kevada Swami Temple located in Agar Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh is dedicated to Lord Bhairav. Here Lord Bhairav ​​is being worshipped in the form of Kevada Swami for the last 600 years. It is believed that Kaal Bhairav ​​always blesses his devotees and by worshipping him, negative energies are removed from the house. Also, by worshipping Kaal Bhairav, one can win over enemies. Kaal Bhairav ​​is considered to be a form of Lord Shiva. Kaal Bhairav ​​Ashtami is also called Kalashtami.

It is a classical belief that Lord Bhairav ​​appeared on this day. The specialty of this temple is that the idol of Lord Bhairav ​​is kept tied with chains. In this temple, Baba Bhairav ​​is seated in his Batuk Bhairav ​​form. This idol of Baba Bhairav ​​is seen in Rudra avatar in a vermillion form wearing a gold and silver crown. This temple of Baba Bhairav ​​is famous all over the world. People come to this temple not only from India but also from abroad to pay obeisance and receive the blessings of Baba Bhairav.

The secret of being chained

The belief associated with keeping Bhairav ​​Baba's statue tied with chains in this temple is that Baba Bhairav ​​used to go to the city in the form of a child and play with the children there. And when he got bored of playing or he got angry with something, he used to pick up the children and throw them in the pond. A pillar has been placed in front of him to stop him.

The enjoyment of alcohol increases

Every year on Bhairav ​​Purnima and Ashtami, a large number of people visit this temple. These visitors prepare Dal Baati in the temple premises itself. They offer Prasad to the Lord. Apart from this, the devotees who come here also offer liquor to Bhairav ​​Baba.

History of the temple

Regarding the history of Baba Bhairav ​​temple, it is believed that before the construction of Kevada Swami temple in the year 1424, some people of Jhala Rajput family were taking their Bhairav ​​from Gujarat. When they passed through Ratnasagar pond, their wheel stopped and as a result Bhairav ​​Maharaj settled here. It is believed that King Raghav Dev of Jhala dynasty had established this idol, it is also the Kul Dev of Jhala Rajput society.

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