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Sunday, June 16, 2024

At one time he used to survive by borrowing money from friends, his first salary was so low, today the actor earns crores, he has become a Bollywood superstar

Karthik Aaryan: There are many outsiders in Bollywood who made their debut in films after a lot of hard work. But some of them got fame quickly and they reached a position in the industry. Today we are talking about one such outsider who reached the heights of fame on the basis of his hard work. However, there was a time when the actor's family was once in debt. Let us tell you about that shining star of Bollywood in this article.

The actor's family was in debt

The actor we are talking about became a star overnight with just one film. But even after becoming an actor, he remained isolated in the industry. Now he charges Rs 40 crore for each of his films. This actor is none other than Karthik Aaryan. Recalling his early days, in an interview given to Raj Shamani, the actor had said, I have always had a big fight over money. Growing up in Gwalior, we were in debt, as my parents had loans. It was not that we were poor, but we were not rich, in such a situation, we had more debt than income.

I used to survive by asking money from friends

Karthik Aaryan, while talking about asking for money from his friends, said, "When I came to Mumbai, I had taken an education loan. It has been a life of loans, a life of borrowing among friends. For a long time, I became accustomed to borrowing money from friends and telling them that I will return it in a few days. When I came to Mumbai, I knew that I had to earn. I was tired of borrowing money, traveling by train."

The first salary was so low

Karthik Aaryan told that he used to skip his classes and travel two hours to attend auditions. Karthik started his modeling career while he was in university and after giving unsuccessful auditions for films for three years, he did an acting course from Creating Characters Institute. During this time he used to do ads and he earned Rs 1500 for his first advertisement. When the actor was in the third year, he got a casting call on Facebook and after giving auditions for 6 months, he finally got Luv Ranjan's Pyar Ka Punchnama film. His monologue in this film was a huge hit. During this time he lived in an apartment with 12 struggling actors and earned money by cooking food for them.

Today the actor is the owner of crores

After this, the actor did not look back and worked in many films. The life of Karthik Aaryan, who once used to take loans and borrow money from friends, has completely changed today. The actor has come in the list of highest paid actors of the industry. According to reports, Karthik Aaryan charges Rs 40 crore for every film today. However, for his latest release film Chandu Champion, he has reduced his fees and charged Rs 25 crore. Let us tell you that Karthik has played the role of Muralikant Petkar in this film.

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