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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Anushka Sharma got angry during India-Pakistan clash? Video is going viral


Anushka Sharma: These two T20 World Cup matches are being played. Last Sunday, there was a match between India and Pakistan. In which India defeated Pakistan and achieved a tremendous victory. Meanwhile, a video of the match between India and Pakistan has surfaced in which Anushka Sharma is seen getting furious with anger. This video of Anushka Sharma is becoming very viral on social media. Social media users are giving their different reactions on this video. 

Anushka Sharma turns red with anger?

A video of Bollywood industry's famous actress Anushka Sharma has been shared on Instagram by Mr. Hamxe. In this video, Anushka Sharma is seen getting angry while talking to a man at the Nassau County Cricket Stadium in New York during the match. Although it is not clear in this video what the actress wanted to say, but she seemed upset about something. The face of the person Anushka Sharma was getting angry at is also not visible.

Comments made by social media users

Social media users are constantly commenting on this video of Anushka Sharma. One user commented on this video and wrote, 'Bhabhi is getting aggressive.' Another user wrote, 'Bhabhi looks angry.' Some people are linking Virat Kohli's anger to Anushka Sharma's anger. Let us tell you that recently Anushka Sharma has given birth to her son Akay.

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