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Monday, June 17, 2024

A foreign woman crossed 7 seas to marry a shopkeeper, their love story started on Facebook

Bundi News: It is said that if love blossoms, it breaks all walls. Sometimes the beginning of an online love story takes a person very far and he goes to any extent to get his love. One such case has come to light from a village in Bundi of Kota division. Where a woman from Philippines has reached Bundi after crossing seven seas and wants to marry a young man from the same village. As soon as they get permission, both of them will get married immediately. It is being told that this love story started on Facebook. Both know each other through social media for 14 years. 

The love story started from Facebook

The love story of Mary from Philippines and a young man from Bundi started through Facebook. 34 year old Mary from Philippines fell so madly in love with 40 year old Mukesh Sharma who runs a grocery shop in Shiv Colony of Bundi city that she left her country to come to India to get her love. Mukesh's family is very happy to have a foreign female daughter-in-law and the whole colony welcomed the would-be daughter-in-law with great pomp and show. Women sang auspicious songs and seeing the people of the neighborhood excited with joy, Mary could not stop herself from dancing.

Police is checking visa

In this case, Additional Superintendent of Police Uma Sharma said that we also came to know about the case through the media, after which the woman's passport and visa are being checked and whatever legal action is required will be completed. Both Mary and Mukesh have submitted the necessary documents at Sadar police station, although the police have kept the documents under investigation. As soon as both of them get the green signal from the police, they will immediately get married.

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