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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

A bus carrying 17 people was hijacked in Georgia, 1 died, suspect arrested

A passenger sitting in the bus sent a text message to his family that the bus had been hijacked, after which the police chased the bus. Finally, after crossing two villages, the bus was stopped with the help of SWAT police and one person was arrested.

Recently, a bus hijacking incident took place in Georgia, after which the presence of mind of the passengers saved the lives of all of them. This incident happened after 4 pm on June 11. The police got information about this incident at the same time.

In Georgia, Atlanta police were called to report a hijacking of a Gwinnett County Transit bus during a case briefing by a family member of a passenger. Shortly after, police received a second call from another passenger. Police said when they arrived at the scene, the bus had fled, prompting a police chase.

There were 17 people in the bus during the hijacking

The police had come to know from a call from a passenger sitting on the bus that the hijackers had pointed a gun at the bus driver and had held the rest of the passengers hostage. According to Atlanta Police Chief Darin Shearbaum, at the time the bus was hijacked, there were 17 people in the bus including the driver. While the police was chasing the bus, she was on call with a passenger in the bus, which proved very helpful to them in saving people. After a lot of efforts, the bus was stopped at Stone Mountain in DeKalb County, 16 miles away from the spot.

one person died due to gunshot

Police said that a 39-year-old suspect has been taken into custody in this case, who is a resident of Stone Mountain. When the bus was stopped, all the passengers were taken off the bus, including a person who was shot. That person was immediately taken to the hospital where he died, the police is still investigating the matter as to how the person died and when the firing took place. Police has not revealed the identity of the deceased person. According to the report, the police will not reveal anything about him until the family of the deceased is fully informed.

The person who has been arrested in this case has been arrested 19 times before. The police is still trying to find out why the bus was hijacked. The police crossed two villages in Georgia to chase this bus.

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