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Saturday, June 1, 2024

2000 years old gold jewellery found during excavation, its speciality surprised people

Even though today man has made a lot of progress through modern equipment, he still wants to know his history. This is the reason why excavations continue in different parts of the earth. Something similar has come to light from the Turkistan region of Kazakhstan. Where researchers have found strange gold earrings.

Although the people living on earth have become modern in today's time, many such civilizations have flourished on earth, which lived on this earth just like the humans of today. But they disappeared in a short time due to various reasons. We often get information about them when something related to them comes in front of us. In recent times, something similar has come into discussion among the people, after seeing which everyone is surprised.

According to the report of Live Science, archaeologists found such a treasure in the Turkistan region of southern Kazakhstan. During the excavation here, 2000-year-old gold jewelry was found, which archaeologists are calling precious. The report said in detail that a team of researchers from Ozbekali Zhanibekov University discovered three burial mounds in the Ordabasinsky district, surprisingly, two of these mounds were already looted and one of them was kept safe. Which was discovered now and a Roman style brooch was found in it. Which the world knows as Fibula.

Whose earrings are these?

Apart from this, big and small pearls. Two gold earrings, a bronze mirror and a clay jug, a belt buckle and tip were included. The surprising thing is that the earrings were made in a crescent shape (half moon). Below there are gold buttons like bunches of grapes, which are designed to reflect sunlight. Alexander Podushkin, head of the research team, who saw these earrings, said that according to my estimate, these artifacts were made during the Kangju reign, whose rule lasted here from the fifth century BC to the fourth century AD.

Apart from this, the expert said about these earrings that according to me, these artifacts must have been made in this empire when there would have been trade with the Kangju rule of Rome and ancient China and the Kushan Empire in the south. This is the reason why the style of making earrings was circular. Along with this, it is also being said about these earrings that the woman who was buried with these earrings was very rich and influential.

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