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Friday, June 7, 2024

'20 crore Indians are suffering from hypertension,' ICMR report is frightening, what is this problem?


Risk Of Hypertension: These days, due to bad lifestyle and eating habits, people are facing many health problems. Not only older people but also younger people are facing many serious diseases. Due to unhealthy food and continuous sitting, the risk of high blood pressure increases. Due to deteriorating lifestyle, many people are becoming victims of hypertension. 

Have you ever wondered about a disease which is silently affecting more than 20 crore Indians. In fact, according to ICMR, 20 crore people in India suffer from hypertension, out of which about 19 crore people are uncontrolled. Let us know why people become victims of hypertension. 

Bad habits 

People may face hypertension due to consuming more salt and fat. Apart from this, bad lifestyle and eating habits can also increase the risk of hypertension. In such a situation, include green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome often go hand in hand with hypertension, due to which the risk can increase. In such a situation, proper abstinence should be taken during these two diseases. Due to which the risk can be reduced.


Genetics is as important as lifestyle for promoting hypertension. If someone in your family is facing the problem of hypertension, then you may also be at risk of it.

Excessive salt intake

According to ICMR, excessive salt intake can be the cause of hypertension. In fact, eating too much salt increases blood pressure. In such a situation, use less salt in food.

How to protect yourself?

To control hypertension, follow a low salt diet and include potassium in your diet. Along with this, exercise daily, maintain good sleeping habits, stay stress free, diabetes patients should avoid caution. Apart from this, keep away from smoking and alcohol.

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