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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Why is it necessary to warm up, if you know then you will never skip it

Went to the gym and started doing heavy workouts straight away, but do you know that this can harm your health. Know why body warm-up is necessary before workout.

As much as it is important to exercise to stay fit, it is equally important to do it correctly. If small things are not kept in mind, then the workout can cause harm instead of benefit. One of these common mistakes is not doing warm-up. There are many people who often skip warm-up before workout. Because of this, sometimes serious damage is done to health. If you also start working out directly, then know how important it is to do warm-up?

Warming up may not be related to burning calories but warming up means preparing the body for the workout. If you want to make your workout effective and keep yourself healthy, then you should never skip warming up. So let's know why warming up is recommended.

Less likely to cause muscle injury

Light stretching activities are done during warm-up to improve the elasticity of the muscles. This reduces the chances of muscle injury during heavy workouts.

will be able to perform better

By warming up, you are able to perform your workout in a better way because during stretching, there is movement in the joints and this way there is no problem in working out.

It is important for the heart

Warming up improves blood circulation and also increases the oxygen level in the body. Apart from this, it also helps in balancing the body temperature. This not only prepares the body but also your heart for the workout.

You are prepared not only physically but mentally as well

By not warming up the body, you are not only physically prepared for the exercise, but it also helps you mentally prepare for the workout.

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