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Monday, May 6, 2024

Why did Suryadev attach donkeys to his chariot? What was the reason behind this, read the mythological story

Suryadev Katha: In Hindu religion, there is a tradition of worshiping Suryadev on Sunday. According to religious beliefs, worshiping Sun God not only gives strength and intelligence to a person but also brings positivity in life. According to the scriptures, there are 7 horses attached to the chariot of Sun God, due to which he keeps moving continuously. Do you know that once Suryadev had to attach two donkeys to his chariot instead of horses. Let us know the story behind this. 

Kharmas comes twice.
According to astrology, whenever Sun God enters Sagittarius, Kharmas starts. Kharmas happens twice in a year. All types of auspicious activities are prohibited during Kharmas. The story of Kharmas is also related to donkeys. Khar means donkey in Sanskrit. Let us know about the story.

When Suryadev added donkeys to the chariot,
according to Markandeya Purana, Suryadev used to move continuously riding on his chariot of 7 horses. But once during the Hemant season, the chariot horses got tired and went to the pond to drink water. At the same time, Suryadev never stops and then he saw two donkeys. Suryadev added those donkeys to his chariot and set out on the journey. Although the donkeys were moving very slowly compared to the horses. 

Suryadev returned after 1 month. 
After 1 month, Suryadev reached the same pond with a chariot drawn by donkeys. By then the horses had lost their fatigue and were ready for the return journey. After this, Suryadev took out the donkeys from his chariot and attached the horses back. After this he started his journey back with 7 horses. 

Please please Sun God in this way.
The person who is blessed by Sun God never lacks self-confidence and always sees positivity. To please the Sun God, you can wake up every morning in the Brahma Muhurta, take a bath and offer water to the Sun God.

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