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Friday, May 17, 2024

'When Chiku sleeps, both of them...' Armaan Malik revealed how he romances with two wives.


Armaan Malik: Famous YouTuber Armaan Malik always remains in the news regarding his personal life. Armaan Malik has married twice in his life, both his wives live with him. The names of Armaan Malik's two wives are Kritika Malik and Payal Malik. Armaan Malik has become the father of four children, one wife has given birth to twins, both the wives were pregnant together. Now Armaan Malik has shared his bedroom secrets. He told how it is decided which wife will sleep with Armaan. 

Armaan Malik reveals bedroom secrets

Famous YouTuber Armaan Malik had reached Siddharth Kanan's show with both his wives. During this, Armaan was asked how will it be decided with whom you will live. With Payal or with Kritika? Responding to this, Armaan says that it is not decided by me but rather by Kritika and Payal. Because now he also has four children. Armaan's second wife Kritika said, Payal and I spend more time with each other than Armaan. If you have to go with Armaan, he tells both of us to go. During this time he was asked, how do all three of you sleep on the bed? On this, Armaan said that when all three slept together, they had four children. Now all three of us do not sleep together, Kritika and Payal sleep together and Armaan sleeps separately.

How is it decided who will sleep at night?

After this Armaan Malik was asked how it is decided who will sleep with you at night. On this Payal said, whoever feels like going, goes. Armaan told that like Chiku has to be sent to school, Kritika will wake up early and when she does not get enough sleep, she sends Payal to Armaan. Next day Kritika goes to Armaan. When he was asked whether he romances with another wife in front of his wife, Armaan said that everything is fine these days. Let us tell you that Armaan Malik remains in the news the most about his two wives.

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