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Saturday, May 25, 2024

What is follicle study test, what should be the size of follicle in ovary, know from experts

The size of the follicle is very important for women to conceive a child. If the follicle size is not right, then it can be difficult to conceive a child. To know the size of the follicle, doctors recommend getting a follicle study test done. Let's know about this test from the experts.

Follicles in ovary: Infertility has become a big problem in India in the last few years. When a woman is unable to conceive a child even after trying for more than 12 months, she is considered a victim of infertility. If a woman is unable to conceive, it is very important to know the reasons for it. Doctors recommend getting many types of tests done to identify the problem. In these, women are also asked to get a follicle test done. Let us tell you what a follicle test is. What is its cost and when should it be done.

Dr. Saloni Chaddha, a gynecologist at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, says that the follicle test gives information about the size of the follicles present inside the ovary. The follicle is a small sac present in the ovary in which the egg is formed. If a woman wants to conceive a child, then the size of the follicle is considered very important.

What is Follicle Study Test

Dr. Saloni Chaddha explains that the follicle study test is a type of ultrasound. In this, the follicle study test is done through a machine to know the size of the follicle present in the woman's ovary and how much it is growing. In this, the follicle size of the woman is checked several times. It is started after the period cycle starts.

Follicles develop at the beginning of a woman's periods. Gradually their size keeps increasing and when the follicle sac bursts, it releases the egg. This egg is then ready to conceive. This usually happens 14 days after the start of periods. The day the follicle study test detects the rupture of the follicle sac i.e. the release of the egg by bursting, the follicle study test is completed on that day. When the size of the follicle is around 18 to 25 milliliters, it is considered good for fertilization.

Follicle test is necessary

According to health expert Dr. Sameer Bhati , women who are unable to conceive a child should definitely get a follicle test done. This test shows whether eggs are being formed from the follicles or not and if they are, then what is their size. If eggs are not formed and their size and quality are not good, then the woman will not be able to conceive a child. In such a situation, get this test done. Its cost ranges from Rs 1500 to Rs 2000. It is free in government hospitals.

According to Dr. Bhati, the follicle study test gives information about whether the egg is being released less and at what time the couple can have intercourse. This increases the chances of conceiving in the future.

Why is the problem of infertility increasing

Dr. Sameer Bhati explains that there are many reasons for infertility in women. Hormonal malfunction, PCOD, PCOS are major factors. Apart from these, increasing obesity in women is also a cause of infertility. According to Dr. Bhati, if you are thinking about pregnancy and have any of these diseases, then get it treated first.

Along with this, it is also important to control the increasing weight. Consult a doctor for this.

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