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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Visit these places in Karnataka in June, one of them is Akshay Kumar's favourite

If you are planning to go somewhere in June to get away from the humid heat, then explore Karnataka. Apart from planning a trip with family or friends, you can also plan a solo trip here. So let's know which places should be explored in Karnataka.

The hectic routine is very tiring and on top of that the weather is also very hot at this time. In many places, the mercury has crossed 47. In such a situation, people suffering from heat are turning towards cold places so that some relaxing moments can be spent in the humid heat. If you are also planning a trip in the month of June, then you can explore Karnataka. There are some places here where you will not only get relief from this scorching heat, but you will also get lost in the natural views.

Karnataka in South India is a good destination for vacation. Here you can plan a trip with your friends and family in June. So let's know where to go in Karnataka.

Shimoga, the gem of Karnataka

Shimoga, the beautiful hill station of Karnataka, is also called the gem of this place. If you want to take yourself closer to nature this summer, then exploring Shimoga will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Coorg is the best hill station

Just like Shimoga, you will be lost in the beauty of Coorg in Karnataka. Here you can go to Abbey Falls. Apart from the waterfall, you will also be mesmerized by the beauty of the lush green coffee and spice gardens here.

You will find spiritual peace in Gokarna

In Gokarna, Karnataka, you will not only get to see natural beauty, but you will also feel spiritual peace by coming here. Actually, there are many temples like Mahabaleshwar, Koti Tirtha, where you will feel very relaxed. Apart from this, you can also do activities like surfing, snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving on the beautiful beaches.

Enjoy safari in Kabini forest

If you go to Karnataka, you can enjoy jungle safari in Kabini forest. This is the best place for adventure lovers, while one can easily roam here with family.

Don’t forget to visit Hampi

It is impossible to go to Karnataka and not have Hampi on your bucket list. You will be amazed at the beauty of this place which has been included in the World Heritage by UNESCO. Hampi is a historical place and one of the favourite places of actor Akshay Kumar. You will be amazed at the amazing architecture and craftsmanship of the things built at this place.

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