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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Vastu Tips: Never make bread by counting even by mistake, it leads to shortage of food and money!


In Hinduism, if a person follows the rules of eating, drinking, sleeping and waking up, then he always gets auspiciousness and success in his life. In Hinduism, the kitchen is considered a very holy place, where the roti made there not only gives a person the strength to live life, but also happiness and good fortune. According to Hindu belief, if someone ignores these rules related to the roti made in the kitchen, then he has to face many problems in life.

According to Hindu beliefs, just as eating rice is prohibited on Ekadashi fasting day, similarly roti is not made in the house on Diwali, Sharad Purnima, Sheetalashtami, Nagpanchami and when someone dies. Mother Annapurna becomes angry with the people who ignore this rule and they have to face shortage of money and food in life. Along with this, they also have to face financial problems.

You must have often seen that some people have a habit that before making roti, they ask their family members how much roti they will eat or count the roti while feeding or eating it. It is not considered auspicious in Hindu belief. It is believed that roti is related to the Sun and when you make roti by counting, it insults the Sun God and by doing so you have to face problems related to the Sun planet in life. Therefore, one should never make roti by counting.

The face should be towards this direction

According to Vastu Shastra, while making roti in the kitchen, along with religious rules, some Vastu rules should also be taken care of. For example, according to Vastu Shastra, the stove on which you make roti should always be in the south-east direction of your kitchen. Also, while making roti, your face should be towards the east.

This tradition has been going on for many years

According to Hindu religion, the tradition of always giving the first roti made in the kitchen to the cow has been going on for many years. If you cannot find a cow near you, then the first roti can be fed to a dog also. It is believed that by following this remedy related to roti, all the troubles of the people living in that house will be removed by the cow or dog by eating the roti. By doing this remedy for bread, happiness and prosperity remains for the people living in that house.

Who should we feed the first roti to?

In Hindu religion, feeding the first roti made in the kitchen to a cow is considered very virtuous, whereas feeding stale, stale or spoiled roti to a cow is considered a great sin. Since 33 crore gods are believed to reside in the cow, to avoid this great sin, do not feed such bread to the cow even by mistake.

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