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Friday, May 24, 2024

Useful trick! Use full features of Smart TV even without WiFi connection, know the special method


Smart tv without wifi tips. Nowadays, electronic items are increasing rapidly in homes, due to which the time of watching smart TV has come. If you have also bought a big screen smart TV in your home. Or someone has gifted you this smart TV. However, there is no high speed internet connection at home. Due to which you are facing a lot of trouble. So here we are telling you a way by which you can use the features of smart TV.

Such special features are provided in Smart TV, which becomes necessary for you. If Wi-Fi is not available in your home. And it is becoming expensive or due to your location you are not able to get high speed Wi-Fi. So you can access smart TV features even without internet.

Enjoy the features of smart TV through mobile hotspot

Today, we are telling you some easy steps for this method, by which you can connect your smart TV to mobile hotspot and take advantage of the amazing features given in the smart TV.

Actually here we are telling this for both Android users, so if you have any phone then you can adopt this trick in it.

Android users should do this work first as hotspot

  • Android users should go to their phone and go to Settings
  • In which you have to go to Network & Internet and then go to Hotspot & tethering.
  • After which the Wi-Fi hotspot has to be turned on.
  • With which you set Hotspot name and password.

Similarly, iPhone users can also turn on Personal Hotspot in Settings on their phones and set the Hotspot name and password.

Process Wi-Fi settings in Smart TV

  • First, press the Wi-Fi button on the TV remote
  • Go to Network from the Settings menu and select Wi-Fi
  • Now select Mobile Hotspot in the list of Wi-Fi networks visible here.
  • After which enter the password of the mobile hotspot.
  • Your smart TV will be connected to the mobile hotspot.

So the thing to note is that if the smart TV supports Wi-Fi Direct, then you can connect it directly to your mobile phone. So with this you can enjoy your smart TV without any unnecessary expenditure.

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