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Friday, May 31, 2024

TVF's series Panchayat 3 is full of emotions, these big reasons will force you to watch it


 Panchayat-3- If you are also a fan of the comedy series Panchayat and Secretary Ji coming on Amazon Prime Video, then there is very good news for you. Actually, people were waiting for the third season of this series for a long time, which has now been released on Amazon Prime Video on 28 May. It is being told that this story of Phulera village, which has won the hearts of people in season-1 and season-2, is going to make you laugh a lot by bringing many more interesting things in season-3 (Panchayat-3).

The story of Panchayat-3 is amazing

A total of three seasons of this series, directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra, have been released so far. The first season came in 2020 and in just four years, 3 seasons of the series have been released. At the same time, many times the audience develops such a mentality that the first season of any series is good and then everything becomes boring. However, the story of Panchayat is different, this series will seem better to you after every episode and you will get attached to it from the heart. Talking about season 3 (Panchayat-3), it is being told that this series has better episodes than the previous season and the climax of this third season is also quite amazing.

The challenges shown in Panchayat-3 are special

The story of Panchayat has always been very simple and connected to common life. The reason for its popularity is that nothing has been exaggerated in it. This series revolves around how government officials and politics work in rural areas. In Panchayat 3, the entire team of Secretary and Pradhan have to face many challenges. Like Rinki contacting the Secretary, taking revenge from the MLA, Bhushan i.e. Banrakas taking over Phulera village and many other similar challenges. The story of overcoming all these challenges is what makes Panchayat 3 special.

Suspense and thrill will be seen along with comedy

Even though you got to see only a little suspense and thrill in the last two seasons of Panchayat made by TVF, but in the third season you will get to see a lot of comedy, a lot of suspense and thrill. There are a total of 8 episodes in this season, if you want to enjoy this season to the fullest, then you can watch all the episodes in one go. So far, all the people who have seen this season believe that this season is very good.

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