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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Tourists come here to see the public toilet, they have to pay so much money!


Public toilets: If you are asked to go to a public toilet, you will refuse to go as soon as you hear it. Because people often avoid going to public toilets. Because the condition of public toilets is very bad, there is no cleanliness and there is bad smell. But do you know that there is such a public toilet in the world, which people spend lakhs to see. The public toilets of this country (public toilet tour Japan) have been made better than 5 star hotels. Let us know where are the best public toilets in the world…

Public toilets in this country are not less than 5 stars

Actually, we are talking about the country of Japan, where public toilets are so high-tech and clean that tourists come to see them. Public toilets in Tokyo, Japan have become a topic of discussion these days. According to a report, Japan's public toilets have become tourist attractions and the tourists who are coming to visit Tokyo are also taking tours of these public toilets (Toilet tour weird). Arrangements for guides are also being made for this. But the question arises that what is so special about these toilets?

Tourists come to see the toilet

Let us tell you that 17 toilets have been built in Shibuya area of ​​Tokyo, Japan. These public toilets have been prepared for the Tokyo Toilet Project. The purpose of which was to improve the public toilet facilities in the city. In the year 2020, this project was started by Nippon Foundation, under which the country's leading architects have designed the toilets. These toilets are special because they have high-tech technical facilities and their designs are unique. These are very clean and safe too.

Have to pay for the tour

You will be surprised to know that this tour program has been started from March this year. People who sign for this get to see these strange toilets. The idea behind this was to show foreigners how clean public toilets are in Japan. Yumiko Nishi of the District Tourism Association said that those who have registered for this tour are interested in architecture. Through this tour, they will also explore the city and also take a look at the toilets. For this tour, you will have to pay Rs 2600 per person and it lasts for 2 hours.

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