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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

To avoid swine flu, include these things in your diet, the disease will stay away from you.

Swine flu cases in Assam have increased the concern of the governments. According to reports, a child has died due to this infection. To avoid viruses, it is important to have a strong immune system. Know which things you can eat or make changes in your diet to avoid this serious disease.

To avoid viruses like swine flu, it is very important for our immune system to be strong. Its cases have been reported in Assam and according to reports, one death has also been recorded due to it. Four active cases are being reported in Barak Valley of Assam and they are being treated at Silchar Medical College and Hospital. The increasing cases of swine flu in Assam have increased the concern of the governments. To fight or defeat swine flu (H1N1), one should take special care of diet. You can strengthen your immune system by eating a balanced diet and eating foods rich in nutrients.

Let us tell you which things you can include in your diet to avoid this dangerous infection or boost immunity. Know….

What is swine flu?

This is a type of viral infection which is medically called influenza A and H1N1. It causes difficulty in breathing and is found in pigs. In the year 2009, it was also declared an epidemic by WHO because during this period lakhs of people were infected by it. This is a lung infection spreading in humans. Although it is not considered common in humans, it can come in contact with us because of pigs.

Dr. Deepak Kumar Suman, former senior resident of Safdarjung Hospital, says that the symptoms of swine flu are like normal fever and cold cough, but in some cases it also causes infection in the lungs. However, this virus becomes fatal in humans only in some cases.

Eat like this to avoid swine flu

Foods containing Vitamin D: Vitamin D plays an important role in strengthening immunity. Its anti-inflammatory response weakens H1N1. You can increase the level of Vitamin D in the body through mushrooms, egg yolk and morning sunlight. Apart from dietary changes, you can also increase the intake of Vitamin D through supplements.

Foods with Vitamin C: In the era of Covid, most people have understood the value of immunity. People learned that we should eat foods containing Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system. Citrus fruits contain the highest amount of Vitamin C. During summer, you can maintain the level of this vitamin in the body by eating kiwi. However, zinc is also important for the immune system and to fulfill it, you can eat healthy things like sunflower seeds, meat and brown rice.

Probiotic Foods: The bacteria present in probiotic foods like curd also strengthen our immune system. Apart from this, our digestive system also improves. Eating curd daily during summer provides benefits to both health and skin.

Don't eat these things even by mistake

Street Foods: If you are fond of street foods then change your habit today itself. Because its consumption can make us very ill. Due to this the immunity starts weakening. Street food vendors do not even take care of cleanliness. Because of this people become victims of the virus.

Too much sugar is poison: Excessive sugar consumption can make us a victim of diarrhea. Keep distance from sugary foods and drinks because their consumption can make us very ill at some time.

Keep these things in mind to avoid swine flu

To avoid serious diseases like swine flu, keep the body hydrated. For this, drink as much water as possible. By the way, it is also best to drink herbal tea.

For nutrients, include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the diet. These things contain a lot of potassium, zinc and fiber.

Experts say that to boost immunity, always eat home-made things and minimize the consumption of outside food.

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