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Friday, May 31, 2024

This millionaire man gives 85 rupees every week to his children, the children spend it like salary, not pocket money

Every person in the world prepares children for their future with proper parenting. Along with pampering children, they should also be taught the value of money. If children have the habit of saving, they will not have to face problems in the future. A millionaire is doing something similar with his children.

Every person in the world worries about the future of their children. Be it rich or poor, everyone is worried about this. As children grow up with good values, it becomes necessary to explain to them the importance of money. However, saving money is also an art, in which not everyone can become proficient and the habit of saving is instilled in children from the very beginning. To teach something like this to children, a millionaire has started giving salary to his children instead of pocket money.

Here we are talking about David Ciccarelli, the CEO of the giant company Lake, who said that if children are given salary instead of pocket money, they will learn the importance of money. They will learn that money is not earned just like that but a lot of hard work is done for it. Let us tell you that David became a millionaire at the age of just 30 and now he has four children.

Is Rs 85 pocket money or not salary?

While talking to the media, David said that I had decided from the very beginning that I will explain the importance of money to my children and will not let them live a luxurious lifestyle. I will force them to earn money themselves. David admitted that he will never hand over his hard-earned money to his children. This is the reason why I never give money to my children as pocket money but give it to them as salary.

Talking to Business Insider, David said that I am ready to happily bear the expenses of their essential things but I cannot even give them a pair of fashionable shoes. For this, they are given 85 rupees every week as salary. Apart from this, I have opened an account for my children and they spend on the things they need with their debit card and I believe that if the value of money is explained to children from the beginning, then they spend their money wisely in the future.

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