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Friday, May 31, 2024

This actress became angry after seeing her boyfriend sleeping with another girl, she took a heart wrenching step


Neena Gupta: Actress Neena Gupta, who has given one great film after another in her brilliant career in Bollywood, has worked not only in Bollywood but also in South. But this outspoken actress has always been in the news more for her personal life than her professional life. In her biography "Sach Kahun To", she herself has admitted that in her youth, she has fallen in love many times and her heart has been broken many times. Today we are telling you a very interesting story from her life.

Neena Gupta was betrayed by her first love

Born in 1959 in Delhi, Neena Gupta fell in love for the first time in the School of Drama. At that time, everyone in the college considered Neena a bad girl and her boyfriend's name was Sachin. Neena Gupta says that in those days Sachin was looking for work and she had started shooting for films. In such a situation, Sachin kept requesting her to meet him again and again, but she could hardly find time from her busy schedule. However, one day Neena reached the hostel to meet her boyfriend but she did not find Sachin there. During this time, when Neena asked some of her friends about Sachin, she came to know that he had slept with a girl the previous night. Hearing this, Neena Gupta was completely shocked.

Neena Gupta gets angry at her boyfriend

Neena Gupta loved Sachin a lot but after this act of Sachin, Neena became very angry and sad. The next day Sachin went to meet Neena but as soon as Sachin reached there, Neena started shouting and crying loudly. She was shouting and crying and saying, "How can you do this to me?" During this, while pacifying Neena, Sachin said, "I love you very much Neena, actually I had coffee that night so I did not know, please forgive me." But Neena's anger did not calm down with any answer of her boyfriend, so during this time Sachin said that the girl was trying to seduce him. Hearing this seduction talk of Sachin, the matter got worse. Neena then got very angry with Sachin. Neena was angry that Sachin was defaming a girl to hide his mistake.

Neena Gupta is in the news for 'Panchayat'

Actually these days Neena Gupta is in the headlines for season 3 of the web series 'Panchayat' released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime. In this series, Neena Gupta is seen in the role of Gram Pradhan. This comedy drama directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra is very much liked by the people. Actually, season 1 and season 2 of this show were very much liked by the people. Along with Neena, there are many other actors like Jitendra Kumar and Raghuveer Yadav in this series, while Neena Gupta has done amazing acting in this series made on the theme of Gram Panchayat of a rural area.

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