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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

These five mistakes make your hair lifeless and weak in summer.

With changing weather, apart from health, it is important to keep some things in mind regarding skin care and hair care also. Some mistakes in summer can make your hair dry, split ends and weak.

Shiny and healthy hair adds to the beauty, whereas dry and lifeless hair looks very bad. There are many reasons like pollution, hair care mistakes, lack of nutrition, hormonal imbalance due to which most of the people are troubled with the problem of hair fall. In summer, the problem of dry and split hair starts troubling people. Actually, there could be some mistakes in your daily routine behind this.

In summer, hair not only becomes sticky and messy, but due to some mistakes, the problem of hair fall and split ends also increases. If some things are not kept in mind, there is a risk of fungal infection on the scalp, which can cause a lot of problems. So let us know what things should be kept in mind regarding hair care in summer.

Do not cover your hair in hot sun

Strong sunlight in summer is not only harmful for the skin but it also damages your hair. If you go out in strong sunlight without covering your hair, then know that it can cause hair damage and also make your hair lose its shine.

shampooing too much or too little

Due to sweating in summer, bacteria can grow rapidly on the scalp, due to which problems like hair fall etc. start occurring. If you shampoo your hair less then it can also cause hair problems. At the same time, if you shampoo your hair frequently, dryness can also increase.

stop oiling hair

In summer, people think that there is no need to oil the hair, but due to this your hair gradually starts becoming dry, hence oiling should be done some time before washing the hair, do not keep the hair oiled overnight. .

Not wearing a cap while swimming

Many people go swimming in summer. During this period, it is very important to protect your hair, otherwise problems like hair fall, hair becoming lifeless may occur. Put a cap on your hair while swimming or wash your hair thoroughly with plain water immediately afterwards.

always keeping hair open

Keeping your hair open in summer can bother you a lot because it causes excessive sweating. At the same time, due to excessive sweating, hair becomes increasingly sticky and when you go out, dust easily accumulates on the scalp. At the same time, open hair also gets tangled faster, due to which more hair breaks when combed. By following small tips like hair mask in a week, oiling before shampoo, trimming in 6 weeks, protecting hair from direct contact with sunlight, you can stay away from hair problems in summer.

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