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Saturday, May 18, 2024

These easy PINs are inviting hackers, if you have set one then change it today itself.


Tech Tips: Nowadays internet has become an integral part of our lives. Most people use the Internet. There is a constant threat of fraud and cyber attacks on the Internet. Every year many people become their victims. People create PIN numbers to keep their bank cards, phones and other things safe. But, many people are careless in this and do not set a strong PIN. A shocking thing has come to light in a recent cyber security study. According to this study, most of the people keep their PIN number as '1234'. 

According to a report, many people choose simple PIN numbers to protect their sensitive data. It has been said in the report that out of the PIN numbers checked, about 11 percent turned out to be '1234' PIN. Apart from this, simple PIN numbers like '1111', '0000', '1212' and '7777' are also widely used. In the Data Genetics study, 34 lakh PIN numbers were examined. These are the PIN numbers that were revealed in data theft incidents. The results revealed that many people used simple patterns in their PIN numbers.

Most commonly used four-digit PINs 

Most people set a four-digit simple PIN on their phone, which includes 1234, 1111, 0000, 1212, 7777, 1004, 2000, 4444, 2222, 6969. It takes less time for hackers to crack them. 

What did the cyber security expert say? 

Cyber ​​security expert Jake Moore has warned about these consequences. He says that using simple PIN numbers makes it easier for thieves to target people. He said that people put themselves in danger by using weak passwords and PIN numbers. Often they are not aware of this danger until they are cheated. Jake Moore also pointed out that poor cyber security habits make the work of hackers easier. People often use PIN numbers that are very common or easy for them to remember, such as a birthday date. 

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