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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

These 5 mistakes will be heavy on the skin, the face will start looking old before age.

Wrinkles on the face are a natural process with increasing age, but some of your own habits can make you a victim of premature aging and make you look old before time.

Formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin is a natural change after aging, because after this collagen (the protein that keeps the skin young) starts breaking down. However, it is often seen that the skin of some people starts appearing dull prematurely and problems like freckles and wrinkles start appearing on the face. In fact, sometimes behind this there are some mistakes of one's own which cause premature ageing.

Problems like wrinkles on the face and dullness of skin at a young age can trouble anyone. To get rid of this, people take many types of expensive beauty treatments, but if we pay attention then some of our own mistakes are harmful for the skin and wrinkles start appearing before time. So let us know which are those mistakes which can make you old before time.

do not drink water

Many people drink very little water. Because of this, the skin becomes very dry and the possibility of wrinkles increases. Especially people who have dry skin should not forget to apply moisturizer along with drinking plenty of water. Apart from this, health also gets harmed due to not drinking water.

not getting enough sleep

If you keep staying awake till late night, then it is better to give up this habit immediately, because lack of sleep not only has a bad effect on health, but it also harms the skin and wrinkles appear on the face before age. Can come.

not removing makeup

The habit of sleeping with makeup on can make the skin age prematurely. Many types of chemicals are used in makeup. When you do not cleanse before sleeping at night, along with the makeup, dust and dirt also stick to the face. This clogs the pores which causes many skin problems. This gradually spoils the texture of your skin.

not applying sunscreen

In India, the percentage of people who apply sunscreen every day is very less. However, Indians should also apply sunscreen of 30 SPF. Due to applying sunscreen, the UV rays of the sun can damage the skin, due to which premature wrinkles start appearing.

The habit of getting stressed about everything

If you also have a habit of taking stress on every small thing, then know that this can make you look old before time. Due to stress, dark circles start appearing under the eyes and when you take too much stress, it disrupts sleep, due to which wrinkles can occur on the skin.

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