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Thursday, May 30, 2024

These 4 spices will keep you cool in summers and will also protect you from heat stroke

The spices used in the kitchen are no less than nectar for health, although most people feel that the nature of spices is hot, but there are some spices which can help in keeping your body cool from inside in summer.

In the month of May itself, the temperature has crossed 47 in many places and 50 in some places. In such extreme heat, the body temperature cannot be balanced by just drinking cold water or cold drinks or ice cream, rather you can get sick due to this. There is a need to include such things in your diet which keep you cool from inside and also give you energy, otherwise there is a risk of heat stroke.

To avoid problems like heat stroke and diarrhea amid the rising temperature of the season, it is important to include nutrition rich and cold things in the diet. Although spices work to enhance the taste of food, but there are some spices which are cold in nature and help you stay healthy in summer.

Eat fennel

Consuming fennel in summers is very beneficial for your health. Instead of drinking energy drinks from the market, drink fennel juice. This will benefit your health and also keep the body hydrated. This reduces the chances of heat stroke. Fennel also helps in keeping away digestion related problems in summers. For this, you can drink fennel tea or chewing fennel after eating food is beneficial.

Green cardamom is beneficial

Apart from things like pulao, biryani, green cardamom is also used to add aroma to desserts. Its consumption in summers helps in keeping you healthy. Green cardamom is beneficial in the problem of vomiting and nausea in summers. You can take it mixed in milk or chew one or two cardamoms after eating. It also calms down the heat of the stomach.

Consumption of coriander is also beneficial

In summer, the consumption of both green coriander and its seeds, which are used as spices, is very beneficial. It helps in keeping the internal temperature of the body cool. The water of coriander seeds detoxes the body.

Amchur Powder

Mangoes are liked in summer. Amchur powder used in spices makes you feel refreshed. Apart from chutney, it can be used to make hydrating drinks.

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