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Monday, May 20, 2024

These 4 desi toners will make your face bright and glowing like a rose.

Using natural ingredients in skin care is considered safer because there is less risk of any kind of allergic reaction. So let us know which things can be used as natural toner.

Toner is one of the essential skin care products, which is used to tone the skin. It hydrates the skin and helps in tightening the skin by cleaning the pores and maintaining the balance of the skin pH level. Although there are many types of toners available in the market, but they are not only expensive but also do not suit everyone's skin, especially people whose skin is sensitive, they should use natural toner.

To keep the skin glowing and healthy and to avoid premature aging, it is very important that you follow the three rules of daily skin care i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing before sleeping at night. For now, let us know about natural toners which are helpful in making your skin healthy as well as making it glow.

Rice water

Rice water is thrown away in most homes. Although you can use it in skin care. If your skin is oily then put rice water in a spray bottle and use it regularly as a toner. This will save you from the problem of black heads and pimples and will help in getting clean glass skin.

Rose water is a natural toner

Talking about the best natural skin toner, rose water gives very good results. Using rose water is a great option to keep the skin fresh especially in summer. You can use rose water as a toner daily, it also helps in improving the complexion.

Cucumber and Aloe Vera Toner

To prepare this natural toner, peel the cucumber, cut it into pieces and blend it well. Now take a fresh aloe vera leaf, extract its gel and blend it too. Filter both these things and fill them in a spray bottle and store them in the refrigerator, now use it daily as a toner. Both cucumber and aloe vera are very beneficial for your skin.

Green tea toner

Green tea rich in antioxidants is also very beneficial for your skin. Along with locking the moisturizer, it helps in removing extra oil from the skin and also boosts collagen. Take one to two spoons of green tea and add it to a cup of water and let it boil well. After it cools down at room temperature, store it in a bottle and use it as a toner.

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