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Monday, May 20, 2024

There will be no relief from expensive pulses till October, this is the big reason

If you are also troubled by the rising prices of pulses, then there is no sign of relief for you right now. According to market experts, the general public is not going to get any relief in the inflation of pulses till October. Let us know what is the reason behind this...

The prices of food items are sky high. Amid rising inflation, the general public is going to get a shock once again. In fact, people may have to face inflation for some more time in terms of food items. Especially the public is not going to get relief soon in the prices of pulses. At present, there are no signs of softening in their prices, this is because the supply of pulses is not according to their demand.

Relief will not be available till October

According to an ET report, this apprehension has been expressed quoting experts. Market experts say that the prices of pulses in the country may remain high until the supply of the new crop starts in the market. The arrival of new crops will start in the month of October. In such a situation, the public is not going to get relief from inflation till October.

Due to this, high inflation in pulses

According to market experts, at present the demand for pulses in the country is not equal to the supply. Due to the imbalance of demand and supply, the prices of pulses are going tight. Overall food inflation is also being affected due to the high level of pulses inflation.

Currently, many efforts are being made by the government to control the prices of pulses, but they are not getting success. India is the largest producer of pulses, but consumption exceeds production. In such a situation, India has to import pulses. The estimated production of pulses in the country in the 2022-23 crop year was 26.05 million tonnes, while consumption was estimated at 28 million tonnes.

Inflation of pulses last month

If we talk about the rates of pulses at present, then there is high inflation in arhar, gram and urad pulses in the market. Inflation of pulses was 16.8 percent in the month of April. The highest inflation of 31.4 percent was in arhar dal. Similarly, there was inflation at the rate of 14.6 percent in gram dal and 14.3 percent in urad dal. The contribution of pulses in the food basket is around 6 percent.

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