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Friday, May 31, 2024

The girl did not accept defeat even after her spine was broken, did this miracle with her determination

If a person is determined, the world easily bows down to his stubbornness. You must have read and heard many such stories till date, but these days a story has come to light in which a woman's spine was broken, despite this the woman has become a bodybuilder.

In today's time, a person goes to the gym every day to keep himself fit, so that his body always remains fit. But nowadays, news of accidents in the gym has started coming a lot. Sometimes such accidents happen that a person becomes dependent on walking. Many people never look towards the gym again in their life. But there are many who stand on their feet again after falling. One such girl is in the news these days. Who is no less than a motivation for those people who do not try to get up again after falling.

We are talking about 30-year-old Marcelle Mendes Mancuso, who was hanging from the bar for upside-down sit-ups in 2016 and slipped and fell to the ground. She was taken to the hospital. An X-ray of her back was done which revealed that her back bone was broken. After seeing the X-ray, it was found that her back bone was broken. After seeing Marcelle's condition, the doctor said that this is a very serious condition and now she will never be able to walk in her life. But Marcelle proved it wrong.

Doctors lost in front of stubbornness

Marcel, a resident of Brazil, is a lawyer by profession and used to go to the gym as a hobby, but exercising in the gym proved to be costly for her and she broke her spine. In this, one vertebra (C4) is completely broken and two other vertebrae C5 and C6 have moved out of their place. In such a situation, a titanium plate was inserted in the spine and 6 screws were put to strengthen the spine.

Marcel's operation was successful but the doctors had said that Marcel would never be able to walk again. She had to learn the basic activities of life again like holding and lifting objects. But she did not lose courage and kept hope and she started recovering from the terrible injury. After some time she practiced her movements again and then a surprising improvement was seen in them. She soon returned to the gym to continue her workout routine and now she has become a champion bodybuilder and has won many medals.

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