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Monday, May 13, 2024

The dog did something that caused the husband and wife to fight, the marriage was on the verge of breaking up.

In Agra, UP, a couple's marriage is on the verge of breaking due to a dog. The husband says that the wife did not take care of his dog in his absence. Whereas, the wife says that the dog had destroyed the food utensils. For this reason he does not like dogs. The wife is currently living separately from the husband. Both are not ready to compromise.

Such a case has come to light from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, which you might have never thought of and might never have happened. Yes, here there was a dispute between husband and wife regarding the dog. The dispute was such that the wife left her husband and went to her maternal home. Neither the husband persuaded her nor the wife bothered to return to her in-laws' house. The situation has come to the point of breaking the marriage. The matter even reached family counselling. But both are not ready to compromise.

The matter is of Jagdishpura police station area. A girl living here was married to a young man from Delhi in the year 2022. The girl's husband works in a multinational company in Delhi. Her husband is fond of breeding foreign breed dogs. He has a dog of a foreign breed, which he loves more than life. Six months ago the husband had gone out for office work.

He had handed over the responsibility of taking care of the dog to his wife. When the husband returned, his dog's litter boxes were dirty. The husband found that the wife had not taken care of his dog. What was it then, the husband questioned the wife about this. He again had a dispute with his wife. The dispute escalated so much that the wife immediately left the house and went straight to her parents' house. The wife has been living in her maternal home for the last 3 months. The wife said that the dog had also destroyed the food utensils in the house. For this reason he did not like the dog in the house.

'Forbidden to wash dog's utensils'

The husband says that he loves the dog very much. The wife did not take care of the dog in his absence. When he asked his wife to wash his dirty utensils, the wife flatly refused. There was a fight between the two on just this matter.

No agreement reached

Ever since the wife went to her maternal home, neither the husband nor the wife talked to her. The family members of both then tried to make a compromise between them. The matter reached the counseling centre. Both were explained there. But neither the husband nor the wife is ready to understand anything. Even now both are living separately. Now the counseling center has given them a second date. It remains to be seen what happens to their marriage in the future.

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