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Friday, May 24, 2024

The criminal became deaf and dumb after murder, this is how China's wanted criminal was caught after 20 years

A shocking case from China is being discussed among people these days, where a criminal separated himself from his family after committing murder so that the police could not catch him. Though time passed, the police never gave up in finding Xiao and getting him justice for his crime and finally he was caught after 20 years.

A criminal's mind works very fast. He is ready to do anything to save himself. If we talk about the world, there are many such cunning criminals in this world who cleverly escape the clutches of the police even after committing serious crimes. However, for this they use their mind at the next level. One such incident is in discussion among the people these days. You will definitely be very surprised to know about it.

Now, this murder case is of 22nd May 2004, but the criminal here played such a dangerous trick that the police kept searching for him for 20 years but he could not be caught by anyone. Actually, in Jiangcheng district, a man named Xiao had an argument with his neighbor. This argument became so heated that he picked up a shovel and hit his neighbor on the head, killing him. The night this incident happened, Xiao understood that he was going to spend his life in jail and could even be sentenced to death.

Criminal caught after 20 years?

Due to this fear, he decided to run away leaving his wife and 11 year old child and fled to the mountains of Anxi County in Fujian province where he started working as a sweeper. To save himself from the police, he erased his past life and prepared himself in the new base and he became deaf and dumb for the people there for the next 20 years. When someone talked to him, he would only laugh and communicate in gestures.

Although it has been 20 years since this incident, Jio has still not contacted his family, but the police never gave up on finding Jio and getting him justice for his crime and one day the hard work of the police paid off. In fact, last month in Anxi, the police caught some people and immediately detained a mute and deaf sweeper. Even though he was released after some time, the police again became suspicious and after recognizing Jio, they brought him to his home town and took him back.

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