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Saturday, May 4, 2024

The animal treated itself, relieved its pain with forest herbs.

A surprising case has come to light from Indonesia these days. Where an orangutan got injured on its cheek during a fight. After this he himself treated himself with the herbs of the forest. The surprising thing is that within a week the wound was completely gone.

In today's time, man has progressed a lot. Man may have moved away from nature in the lap of science, but even today he is unable to solve its mysteries completely. Although even today animals have not distanced themselves from nature. This is the reason that whenever something related to forests and animals comes in front of us, it goes viral with immediate effect. One such incident is being discussed among the people these days.

An orangutan injured in the cheek at the Suak Balimbing research site in Indonesia. After which he did something which surprised the world because the animal first chewed a leaf and then applied it on his wound, which he had got during a fight. "Plants found in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and related liana species are well known for their important pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties," said Isabelle Laummer of the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior (MPI-AB), Germany. Are.

Scientists were surprised

Let us tell you that this incident happened at Suak Balimbing research site in Indonesia which is considered to be the home of many orangutans. Laumer said that just a few days ago Rakas had a fight with one of his friends. In which he got seriously injured and Namanush repeatedly chewed a plant and applied its juice on the wound on his cheek. Talking to the media, the researchers said that three days after the injury, Rakas first selectively chewed the leaves of Liana and then applied it thoroughly on the face, which completely healed within a few days.

The surprising thing here was that when Rakas' cheeks were examined after several days, no signs of infection were visible in the wound. Apart from this, it was also observed that the wound healed within five days and was completely cured within a month. Apart from this, Laumer said, 'The interesting thing here is that Rakas knows very well about all those herbs.'

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